Reset to Soul ~Ritual Kit~

Reset to Soul ~Ritual Kit~

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This Kit was born from what I needed to re-connect with my Soul and receive guidance/clarity around my own Soul Work and my place on Earth. 

It helps you move from overwhelm, disconnection, stress, uncertainty, numbness to being completely certain of: 

~Who you are here to Be~

~What you are called to Do~

~How you can best Serve~  

I find it especially nourishing for my Soul during times like now where we are traversing big energies, transitioning portals, being pushed through death + rebirth cycles such as the Lions Gate & Saturn Retrograde. 

These are the times where we absolutely must go inward and sit with ourselves and our Souls. 

My Reset to Soul Ritual Kit supports you through it all. 

The Kit includes:

  • Devotion to the Dark Divine Meditation

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Soul-luxe Life Activation

  • Soul Guidance Ultimate Clarity Card Spread

  • Soul-luxe Life Schedule Creation Sheet

  • My top 3 practices for self-care, soul nourishment + strengthening your nervous system

Snap it up now and gift yourself the Soul Nourishment and Self Care you deserve!