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3 month 1:1 journey: aligned soul + earthed desires = thriving life


3 month 1:1 journey: aligned soul + earthed desires = thriving life


Intimately knowing and communing with your soul is crucial for your activation into your highest potential, timeline and soul vision for your life.


Imagine how your life would change if you made your soul-alignment your main priority.


How would you show up in the World then?


What things currently in your life would no longer be there?


Imagine standing in your fully activated soul-state energy.


You are free from limiting beliefs, blocks, anything that doesn't align with your fully actualised, highest timeline, pure potency soul-state self.


How are you holding yourself?


Imagine you have access to your full power and are able to use it to create massive healing in the World.


How would it feel to be your fully actualised sovereign goddess on Earth making impact and helping millions of people?


We start with connecting to your soul and then to earth to create a clear channel between your soul council and your earth council.  Then your soul's desires are brought into the 3D reality via various tools and practices, such as journaling, embodiment and activation codes, and strategy and structuring to provide the foundation for the new 3D reality.


You are held in your highest truth and given whatever is needed for you to intentionally create your life in alignment with soul, earth, your core desired feelings, core values and anything else you may desire to bring into your life, e.g. soul codes, earth codes, activations, frequencies, tones, ancient wisdom, galactic knowledge and languages - whatever comes through as needed to launch you into your highest potency soul-aligned life will be used.


This work is powerful and includes:

•    Womb and sexual healing
•    Reclaiming your sexuality and creation essence
•    Stepping into and receiving your full power back
•    Your divine nature and personality
•    Releasing and healing body shame and lack of love for your body
•    Clearing childhood trauma


It is my most heartfelt desire to guide and support you on this journey.

You can return to a soul-aligned life and establish your foundation for the thriving life that not only your soul desires but you get to choose for yourself!


Here’s what you receive in the program:

💜 2 hour initial ‘deep dive’ session with you – creating your Soul-Earth Channel; reviewing your energetic field; setting up our co-created energetic container; diving into your desires and what your soul desires; identifying any blocks and clearing them; calibrating your energetic field to hold your ‘new normal’ as your transformation and up-level occurs throughout the program; placing activation and/or healing codes into your energetic field as required; setting intention/s for our journey together; scheduling calls for the rest of the program,

💙 Program downloaded from soul specific to you and your soul’s desires,

💚 10 x 50 min weekly calls with you to create your soul-aligned life,

💛 Tools and practices (‘homework’) to support your soul-state embodiment between calls,

🧡 Unlimited email support during program,

❤️ 2 hour Life Design Session in last week of program to create the 3D foundation for your thriving life,

🖤 Activation/Healing Art Piece to anchor in your soul-aligned life,

💝 30% off all my group programs, valid for 12 months from when you commence your 1:1 program.

❣️ There’s also a payment plan option - simply go to the Payment Plans page to book