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Clarity, healing and/or activations for Men

Clarity, healing and/or activations for Men


Are you feeling unsupported, tired, dragged down, stressed, anxious, worried about your future or simply isolated?


Do you feel that you require healing, clearing of blocks, activation or other aspect to help you move forward, but you are not sure what?


If so, the Men's Mini package of 3 1:1 sessions can help you get clear on exactly what you need, as well as support, to take the next steps towards returning to alignment with your soul.


I will hold you in your highest truth and gift you whatever is needed to allow you to take your next step forward with grace, ease and comfort.  


Together we will determine what you need, for example:

•    Emotional expression - identifying which emotions are being felt and your expression type is the key to moving through them.  From this place you identify what makes you happy; what you prefer to live without and are able to start to consciously create your life.

•    Clearing childhood trauma - nurturing and healing the child within so that you can relate to the world free from childhood wounding.

•    Energetic field re-structuring - re-coding, attuning, strengthening and/or activating aspects of your energetic field to support you in  living the life you desire.

•    Owning your sexuality - being sexual is not 'dirty' or 'taboo' - it is our birthright and part of our fundamental design.  However, society's models on sex leave a lot to be desired.  The heart of all creation is our sexuality.

•    Stepping into and receiving your full power back - you are a divine being with the desire to heal.  Allow your power to come in 'full throttle' - you are the master and can trust in your innate abilities.

•    Your divine nature and personality – we are god and the goddess.  There is no separation and we must claim and honour our divinity – our true nature.


We start with connecting to your soul and then connecting to earth to create a clear channel between your soul council and your earth council.  Then we work on your needs via various tools and practices, such as journaling, embodiment and activation codes.


I will hold you in your highest truth and gift you whatever is needed to allow you to intentionally create your life in alignment with soul, earth, your core desired feelings, core values and anything else you may desire to bring into your life.  This includes soul codes, earth codes, activations, frequencies, tones, ancient wisdom, galactic knowledge and languages - whatever comes through as needed to support you in designing your life and/or business.


It is my most heartfelt desire to guide and support you on this journey.


You can start to live your life in alignment with your soul and establish your foundation for the thriving life that not only your soul desires but you get to choose for yourself!


❣️ There’s also a payment plan option - simply go to the Payment Plans page to book