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Create the 3D foundation for the life (or business) you desire

Create the 3D foundation for the life (or business) you desire


2 hour deep dive into your soul's desires for your life and/or your business.


We start with connecting to your soul and then connecting to earth to create a clear channel between your soul council and your earth council.  Then your soul's desires are brought into the 3D reality via various tools and practices, such as journaling, embodiment and activation codes.


From there we access our co-creation abilities and create a design, including strategy and structures, to anchor your desired life and/or business to the 3D reality.  This design provides the energetic template of your desired life and is the physical anchor you can access at any time after the session.  It is the foundation for your desired life in your new 3D reality.


I will hold you in your highest truth and gift you whatever is needed to allow you to intentionally design your life in alignment with soul, earth, your core desired feelings, core values and anything else you may desire to bring into your life.  This includes soul codes, earth codes, activations, frequencies, tones, ancient wisdom, galactic knowledge and languages - whatever comes through as needed to support you in designing your life and/or business.