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Legal foundations for lightworkers, earthangels, healers, changemakers


Legal foundations for lightworkers, earthangels, healers, changemakers


This Course consists of 6 modules along with live teaching sessions and follow up live question and answer sessions to work through the module with you.  You will receive lifetime access to the course, so every time it is revised or new resources are added you can elect to do it again with the new cohort, or simply review the updated sections.  The choice is yours!

This is an introductory level one course for you to receive:

  • A Basic understanding of contracts, including examples
  • What you need to have in the public domain if you've got a website
  • How to create cashflow, or to deal with money issues
  • How to deal with debts
  • How to behave or use the court or tribunal system, including a template for making a small claim easy, and
  • Dispute resolutions including mediation or another form of dispute resolution.


I also include a module on mindset and why you need to know about the legal system. I help you work through any blocks or beliefs that aren't serving you about the law, or lawyers, or the legal system.  I also include a dictionary of legal terms to help you understand and comprehend what the words mean, because legal words aren't the same definition as standard English.

You can also make friends with the other people doing the course as you will all see each other on the Zoom calls and can exchange contact details that way.  You can even create your own little study groups to work through it together and receive knowledge of how to interpret legal matters, cases, statues, regulations without having to do a full law degree.

This Course is NOT designed to make anybody a lawyer!  It is designed to help people in the world feel empowered via the legal system.  You will learn that you can be supported and protected by the legal system and have the knowledge of how to  start to protect yourself or your business legally. 


Is This Course Right for Me?

  • Do you have an idea of the lifestyle you want but are unsure how to make it work in our current society?
  • Is your passion for your business and mission as a lightworker so all-consuming that you haven't found the time to protect yourself or your business?
  • Do you have a fast-growing business and are unsure if you have protected your business well enough?
  • Are you starting, or have you started, a business and know there is more you need to know about the 'legal stuff' but don't know where to go or what to do first/next?
  • Do you feel reluctant to do anything about the legal needs of your business as processes and compliance aren't your 'thing' (whose is it really?😊) 


If you were nodding your head in agreement to any of these questions then yep, I believe this course is most definitely for you!


By the End of the Course You Will Gain:

   ☑️ Clarity⠀
⠀☑️ Understanding/comprehension ⠀
⠀☑️ Power to start documents yourself ⠀
⠀☑️ Support network from a source you may have previously thought unlikely ⠀
⠀☑️Community of peers to help you and support and share with⠀
⠀☑️ Questionnaires you can use to minimise fees with lawyers for work needed ⠀
⠀☑️ Knowledge of how to interpret legal matters, cases, statutes, regulations etc without having to do a4 year law degree ⠀
⠀☑️ Empowerment by knowing you are supported and protected ⠀

⠀☑️ Protection/knowledge of how to legally protect yourself/your business⠀


Why I Created Legals in the Light 
I decided to create this course because there are a lot of light workers in the world that are trying to do good things with their lives, but they don't feel supported by the system of society, or the system generally, including the legal system and other systems like the tax system, the whole way the whole society runs. So with my expertise, having been in the legal industry for 18 years, and also being a light worker, energy worker, somewhat hippy, I have combined all of my knowledge to create this course for you.

The Legals in the Light Course is here to help you as a lightworker get clear. That is, to get clear on what your current mindset or beliefs regarding the law are, to release anything that doesn't serve you.  The Course is also designed to assist lightworkers to uplevel in the world and to use the legal system as a support network in your life, rather than a source of overwhelm or confusion.

You don't need to feel that you don't need the law, or you're not spiritual if you're going to do things with the law. I want to change the paradigm from the thought of it being a 'necessary evil' to something that can really support and hold us up when it's needed.  This course is here to educate on the law and the legal system to support you, nurture you, uplift you. It also will help you build the life you desire, because whether you like it or not, the legal system permeates every aspect of our lives.

In order to thrive as spiritual beings we must learn to use the system as a support network for abundance, peace and happiness in our lives.  To do anything else will only cause us overwhelm and a failure to thrive.


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