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  • Activation Art Pieces

    Channelled Art pieces to support and activate a new way of being for you.

    These art pieces are channeled from your soul and are one of a kind pieces to help you with clearing blocks, embodying your full radiance, actualising into your soul purpose, or anything else that is needed to support, heal and/or uplift you.

    The possibilities are endless!

    You can either tell me something you’re needing help with or struggling with and I’ll channel on that.

    Or you can ask me to connect with your soul to bring through what’s needed for your highest good right now.

    The choice is yours!


    These pieces are not just sitting down and painting something onto a canvas!

    They involve a significant amount of energy and soul work, visualisation and prototyping to get the ‘base code’ down.

    Then that base code evolves as more information comes through me until I can see the ‘grid’ and work energetically from there.

    By the time any paint hits a canvas, I’ve already drawn around 4 copies of the base code, checked in with soul, energetic field, nervous system and earth council multiple times.

    Then I’ve channeled on you and the colours required for your activation to anchor into the 3D world, not to mention infused the energetic grid at each step of the painting process.

    Finally, once the artwork is complete I do one last check in to make sure everything thats required has been included, finalise the energetic grid work and create your guide on how the activation works, what to do if you no longer desire it etc.


    As these are personalised 'one of a kind' pieces, delivery time frames depend on what you've requested and what other work I have on at the time of your order.  I will be in touch after your order to clarify things with you and will give you an estimated delivery timeframe at that time.

    • Price excludes shipping costs