Who is Jasmina Earthangel & why should I listen to her anyway?

Answer:   Jasmina Earthangel is an ex-solicitor on a mission to change the world.


An ex-solicitor ‘hippy-at-heart’ mama, Jasmina was born with connection to the other-worlds and a deep desire for equality in the world.

She combines energy & soul mastery with her knowledge of legal systems to provide a pathway to your anchored soul-led life and business.

Via her Strategy of Soul Method you activate and integrate your Soul into your Body to access your divine god & goddess codes on Earth.

In this embodiment you master your fierce feminine flow (yes men need their feminine too!) and become the woman or man you were born to be – in life and business.

Jasmina helps you converse with your Soul to live your Soul desires, step into your fierce feminine leadership and co-create New Earth in the ‘Age of Aquarius’.

With 18 years’ experience in legal offices of all shapes & sizes, extensive Theta Healing training and recently receiving her Master of Energy & Soul Medicine qualification (not to mention the gifts she was born with), Jasmina's skillset is the perfect combination of 'woo woo' and practical in her work with Soul-aligned visionaries and New Earth Creators. 

As such, she has founded the Elevation House initiative to help spiritual business owners and soul-based businesses set themselves up to thrive as we move into new ways of being and New Earth. Elevation House provides strategy, structuring and spiritually held support for Soul-aligned visionaries and New Earth creators. 

It’s time to Let your Soul Lead - New Earth depends on it.


Clients on working with Jasmina

 Kayne B

"Jasmina is more than just a 'soul guide'... She has taught me about business structures, operation and Legal Life Planning; shown me more about myself than any other person could; helped me to find my place in the world and discover my true purpose and 'soul mission'.  By providing support and a safe space for me to look at my patterns and programming, Jasmina helped me realise that the beliefs I was holding onto did not support where I wanted to be in life." 

M Geary

"Jasmina was a welcome support at a time in need for me. I appreciated her integrated approach to her work that really changed a few scenarios I had operating at the time. Jasmina is a legal healing genius who somehow made my legal problem energetically and physically disappear for me. I appreciate her so much and couldn't be more grateful for her love and support."

Amanda B

"Jasmina helped my kids and I be free from an abusive relationship and helped me learn healthy boundaries.  She has also inspired me to meditate again and follow my soul desires."

Ronnie P

"Jasmina helped me find my voice at a time when I forgot I had one.  She believed in me and empowered me to change my perspective to regain my power." 

Sonja B

"I have worked with Jasmina for over 2 years now and her knowledge of business, the law and navigating the legal system have been a huge help to the evolution of my business. Jasmina's intuition and honesty combined with her ability to find the best solution for any legal or business issue presented makes working with her invaluable. In my opinion, Jasmina's breadth of experience across legal, business and energy work is unique and is unrivalled by anyone in her field. I would highly recommend working with Jasmina."

 Sarah T

"#shoutout to Jasmina Earthangel for her help with our recent land purchase.

I posted here a few months ago that Neil and I planned to look at some off grid land when we were home in Australia getting married.

Jasmina offered some really sage advice on questions we should ask and also on the connection we should have with the professionals we need to work with...

There’s a funny story about how we actually found the property which I might share tomorrow for my freebie but today, I want to say a HUGE thankyou.

We bought the land 2 days before our wedding, signed the contract 2 days after the wedding and were able to leave the rest of the details in the capable hands of Jasmina, while we flew back to the US just days later.

We settled on Thursday and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ease you made it all happen with.

I highly highly recommend Jasmina... and oh my goodness, if you’re looking for examples of people who have nailed niching, then look no further!"

Qualifications & Memberships



Certificate III Office Administration; Certificate IV Small Business Management

Lawyers Beyond Borders

Bachelor of Laws (Honours); Graduate Diploma Legal Practice; Practice Management Course
Admission as Solicitor:  Supreme Court Queensland; High Courts Australia & New Zealand
Professional Service Program; 
Superead Course
ASIC Registered Agent

Theta Healing:  Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Game of Life, Rainbow Children, Dig Deeper;  Soul Medicine Academy:  Energy & Soul Medicine Master Certification

IICT Executive Member

Yvette Luciano's Soulpreneurs; Marie Forleo's B-School

Gala Darling The Vortex

Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkies Masterclass Level 1 & 2

Gabrielle Bernstein Miracle Membership

Before #Mumlife was #LawyerLife...

Commencing her working life as an “office junior” and quickly working her way up to the position of paralegal and then qualifying as a lawyer, Jasmina has 18 years’ experience working in legal offices.

From 2000 to 2008 Jasmina worked in various law firms, of all sizes, in Brisbane until moving overseas to live and study in Switzerland for two years.  Jasmina completed her law degree in Switzerland and upon her return to Australia completed her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, whilst working on a contract basis for various Brisbane law firms.

Jasmina was then admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland, High Courts of Australia and New Zealand and began working as a solicitor for various Gold Coast law firms. 

Over the following years, from 2014 to 2018, Jasmina held positions as an Associate, Office Manager and Legal Practice Director for various law firms Australia-wide before starting her own firm, Enlightened Justice, and then merging it with Simpliciter Legal Solutions in December 2016 when her colleague, and friend, Kayne Roy Ballard suggested it as a way to share resources and 'work smarter, not harder'.

She then became Legal Practice Director of Simpliciter Legal Solutions, transitioning to Managing Director in mid-2017 as the business grew and demanded more extensive management systems and processes to support the growth.  Jasmina remained in this role until Simpliciter Legal Solutions was closed in March 2020 when Jasmina and Kayne desired to restructure and simplify their lives.

Enter Soul Mentor | Writer | Mama

(aka #MumpreneurLife)

In June 2018 Jasmina decided it was time for her not to be a solicitor anymore. 

Being heavily pregnant (and heavily stressed out!) it became 'crunch time' to finally commit her all to her Soul Work and say 'see ya' to #SolicitorJas in favour of embracing her fullness as an expanded embodied Soul in service to New Earth and her inhabitants.

Since having her daughter in August 2018 Jasmina has said a resounding YES to her Soul, re-claimed her joy + lives her Soul's desires and core desired feelings every. single. day.

It is her most heartfelt desire to guide and support you to do the same. 

So, what exactly do you DO Jasmina?

Jasmina communes with you and your Soul to provide you a one-of-a-kind, uniquely personal and potent soul medicine Soul-scription from her extensive Spiritual Toolkit.  No two are identical and you can trust that whatever is contained in your Soul-scription it is the very thing you need to support your healing and transform your life.  You can then unconditionally say YES to your Soul's wildest 'choose your own adventure life' and create your thriving life that is not only desired by your Soul; but you get to choose for yourself!

You are only limited by the choices you make on:
what you believe
what you're willing to do or not do
your commitment level to it
Jasmina holds you in unconditional love and support using whatever is needed for you to access your Soul-sourced sovereignty and universal truth/s so you can intentionally co-create your life by your Soul's design.

The question for you is how much do you want it?

All of Creation is rooting for you to have EVERYTHING your Soul could possibly dream of; and then some.  

Jasmina is your Soul Mentor - here to guide and support your journey home to Soul. 

Ask her to open her extensive Spiritual Toolkit to you today and start creating your Soul's wildest 'choose your own adventure life' by finding the answers to:

  • What does your Soul deeply desire you to be, do, have in life?
  • What core desired feelings does your Soul deeply desire you to experience?
  • What is waiting for you on the other side of your struggle; carefully curated by your Soul to activate your fullness, expansion + devotion to your Soul's expression + experience on Earth?
  • What inspiring story does your Soul patiently wait for you to share? 

Book your FREE connection call below to explore how Jasmina can help you today!