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Ankhor was born from a desire to create family heirlooms supporting ancestral and lineage healing that could be passed down through generations.

As 'crown jewels' are carefully commissioned, curated and collected by royal families to form lasting legacies, each Ankhor talisman/amulet is skilfully crafted. 

Deference to quality, workmanship + longevity evokes a devotion to something more.  No longer is divinity courted by a desire for luxury, beauty and grandeur without an acknowledgement of deeper meaning and resonance. 

Of course each piece is beautiful and luxurious and a pleasure to the eye - humanity is inherently drawn to such things!  That's not to say that any of it is bad.  There is a certain balance and harmony created by our surroundings (and apparel) - why shouldn't we allow ourselves to 'enjoy the view'?

The problem arises when the scales are tipped towards materialism and 'shiny object syndrome'.  Needless to say, the vision brought to life by Ankhor is the connection of Earth & Soul in a physical representation thereof. 

The reason these talismans and amulets (or whatever else you'd like to call them) work is because they remind us to be present on Earth and embrace every experience available to us as humans.

The word Ankhor is a fusion of "ankh" & "anchor", a Soul Anchor, providing not only an intellectual reminder but also a physical + energetic transmission.

The Soul is honoured as the essential key, or life force (or eternal life cycle) held within and represented by the Ankh.  In creating a tether to the Earth the Anchor simultaneously draws anything in its wakes towards itself, thus maintaining sovereignty and power in being on (and completely with) Earth.

Thus, each luxurious and beautiful Ankhor 'makes a fashion statement' with a uniquely powerful transmission of energetic frequency/ies to heal and/or shift specific concerns such as:

  • release trauma
  • clear emotions
  • transmute DNA
  • activate genetic coding
  • download universal truth
  • + more...

Every Ankhor crystal has been carefully chosen for its unique energetic frequency and properties.  All materials are further sourced ethically and each piece created and encoded with quantum energetics specific for its intended purpose, recipient and family line.

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*Please Note:
No two pieces are alike. If you receive an Ankhor piece with 'inclusions' a refund will not be provided for this reason alone.  Extensive care and energetic work has been taken to ensure that each and every Ankhor piece holds reverence for it's intended recipient.  Not only are your requests/comments, energetic grids and constellations considered; quantum communion with your Soul, her field/s and complete frequency also occurs to allow your piece to form part of your Soul-scription (or "Soul Medicine") and facilitate healing. 
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