What is an Energetic Support Network & Why We ALL Need One

We all know what a ‘standard support network’ is right – a group of people and professionals who help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.
But what is an energetic support network?
It starts with cultivating people around you that support you on your journey to living a life aligned with your soul. Those who honour your desire to look after your energy stores or reserves. The people who want you to succeed and accomplish your dreams!
But that is not where this equation ends.
An energetic support network encompasses all the things we NEED to stay in our highest vibration or to help us work through blocks, fears or the low energy times in our lives.
If you don’t protect your energy from being depleted you will find yourself leaking energy.
Leaking energy leads to us not feeling rested, not being able to function optimally and can lead to feeling burnt out, amongst other things.
Our whole being is made of energy and thus we must be mindful of that energy supply and ensure that we are supporting its cycle and flow.
We require a strong energetic support network comprising of people, practices and tools that will nurture us when we need nurturing, lift us up when we need to be lifted up and help us to shift stagnant energy or work through blocks and fears.
These tools and practices can be anything from journaling to meditation, using crystals or essential oils, embodiment practice – whatever aligns with who you are and what you need at the time!
But the biggest component, in my opinion, is surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good and support you in becoming the optimal version of yourself and reaching your full potential here on the earthly plane.
There are 3 aspects to an energetic support network:
* People - personal and professional
* Practices - self-care and spiritual
* Tools
So let's take a look at them, starting with people.
Who are these people that should form part of your energetic support network?
Firstly, let’s talk about your personal life. They are those people who are always happy to see you, don’t make negative comments every second work, are happy themselves most of the time, don’t judge you when you have an ‘outrageous’ idea or desire etc. Not only that, but they can give you real talk when you need it as well as help you to see things differently when you are stuck.
These are genuine, authentic relationships that go both ways – they are there for you and you are there for them. You have a mutual desire to better yourselves and enjoy working towards living your dream lives every day.
The second category of people are those professionals who help you come back to yourself. For example, kinesiologist, energy healer, masseuse, coach, mentor, counsellor etc. It’s important that you have your ‘team’ of professionals that you see regularly (on a schedule that feels amazing to you and which you can afford so it's not another cause of stress in your life) to help you recalibrate your body, mind and spirit.
This is especially true in the western world where we are all being increasingly called to be ‘on’ 24/7 and less and less time is being allocated towards rest and self-nurturing.
Next we have self-care and spiritual practices.
What self-care practices do you have in place to nurture yourself – body, mind and spirit? Please note, these are separate from spiritual practices as self-care, in my opinion, is designed to make you FEEL GOOD first and foremost. To me self-care is something that you do (or don’t do!) that either nurtures you, supports you or simply makes you FEEL GOOD.
Following on from self-care are your spiritual practices - the things you do to nourish your spirit and/or maintain your faith in a power higher than yourself. There is sometimes an overlap between self-care and spiritual practices. This is ok, as both sets of practices are designed to help you 'up level' your energy.
Finally are the tools - objects or modalities that you can use yourself to help bring you back to your centre or to see something with new eyes. As these are items or objects that are used individually according to the person, there's not much further explanation that I can give here without turning this post into a novel! If you'd like me to share some ways to use each tool, just let me know and I'll create more content around that.
If you've read this far you are a champion! To finish off, here’s my quick guide to what things I consider can constitute part of your energetic support network:

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