Vulnerability activates receptivity

Vulnerability activates receptivity.

It is only when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others that we can make authentic connections with them.

If we are unable to express and/or share our truth with others we deny them the opportunity of stepping forward to fill a void we may be navigating.

When we don’t express and/or share our truth with others we keep ourselves closed off from all opportunities and possibilities available for us on Earth - BOTH the good and the bad.

Remaining closed off, and therefore ‘aloof’ or otherwise ‘emotionless’, creates resistance to the very thing/s we desire in our lives:


In seeking to avoid painful or traumatic experiences by failing to show ‘weakness’ via vulnerability, we not only avoid the thing we fear but also its opposite - the very thing we are seeking by not wanting to show a side of us that we perceive others may dislike, not appreciate, find ‘unlovable’.

In order to receive anything at all we need to be open to receiving it.

It’s basic physics - cause and effect - for something to exchange hands, be passed along, come into our lives, there needs to be a space for it to ‘land’; or be received.

If there is no space in one location that thing will keep moving on until it finds a space where it is welcomed and can be completely accommodated.

Energy never dies - just changes form!

Let me ask you something - how long have you been ‘working on receptivity’ or ‘your receivership’?

If the answer is ‘a long time’, I can almost guarantee its because you haven’t created the space to be able to ‘receive’ anything, let alone ‘activate your receivership’.


In seeking to protect yourself from hurt, pain and trauma, you have also closed yourself off from love, trust and hope.

You can’t have one without the other - we need the dark to appreciate the light; the dawn to appreciate the dusk; the narcissist to appreciate the empath - and so the list goes on.

What we don’t need is the self-criticism, self-loathing and judgment that comes along with hard feelings, or the categorisation of any of our feelings as ‘unworthy’, ‘less than’ or ‘bad’.

Think about your feelings and a time where you really felt them, listened to them and then acted on them.

Did they steer you wrong?
Of course they didn’t!

Our feelings and emotions are a very necessary part of our design as humans.

They are our inner guidance system or ‘true north’ on our Soul’s compass.

Creation didn’t gift them to us as a superfluous ‘extra’ to sit back and laugh at us trying to navigate life with such an unnecessary presence in our lives.

The key to releasing judgment around our feelings, and thus being able to embrace vulnerability in all aspects of our lives, is cultivating acceptance of what is and unconditional love - towards the self and others. In this way we begin to be able to navigate life without being ‘triggered to high heaven!’.

We actually form deeper connections and more authentic resonance with those around us.

We become closer as a species and more able to find solutions to our ‘problems’ as we expand/recalibrate our collective consciousness into unconditional love.

We come back to our source energy, divine wisdom and sovereignty, finding our home in our heart-held Souls.

From this place we can embrace the truth of our divine nature as Gods and Goddesses co-creating our reality within the hologram of consciousness.

If this is all we have to draw upon as our ‘reality’, practicing vulnerability is surely the quickest and easiest way to ensure our receptivity/receivership stays open to the fullest capacity possible so that we may have everything that our hearts and Souls could possibly desire, want or need.

After all, it is only a hologram, so how much can practicing vulnerability really hurt you?

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