The Questioning

You know I can handle you right?
All of you.
Physically - in all parts of that buff bod;
Mentally - in all parts of that bodacious brain;
Soulfully - until you meet your soul, again and again and again;
Ethereally - until the end of existence;
Energetically - until we both become a supernova enigma;
Earthily - until the dust is us and we are the dust grinding effortlessly into new galaxies.
Serendipitous meetings at our Stargate and beyond - for we are all things that cannot be extinguished, as we come full circle, back on and through - to commence the cycle anew.
Will you renew yourself with me?
Can you release your unbridled potency to journey with my pure potentiality; until we meet ourselves again and again and again, in our full vibrancy and divinity; only to return to our essence, to allow creation to act unhindered, to power spark all that was, is and will be, via our sacred Ark?
I think you must.
~poetry that just poured through me one night.
What does this invoke in you?
To me it is a remembering of who and what we really are. An acknowledgement that we are an integral part of the great ‘All That Is’. These words somehow heal me and activate the integration of all parts, powers and roles.
I don’t know where this journey ends, only that it has to start somewhere.
Resonance. Vibrancy. Luminosity. Interconnected

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