The 'dance' that comes from within is what frees us

Recently I attended an ‘ecstatic dance party to awaken [my] ancient heart’.
Now, dance is something that I have always enjoyed because when I am dancing there is no room for any other thoughts or ideas in my brain.
It is an activity which requires full attention, presence and concentration.
When you are dancing you have to be in the present moment and pay attention to what you are doing.
Why? Because there are many variables that go into it.
You have the music with its notes, rhythms and beats - all of which can be accented in the dance.
Then there is the learning of the ‘moves’ which requires you to watch someone else do it then try to do it yourself - first slowly and then faster and faster and faster to correspond to the music.
Next is whether or not you have the required fitness level to execute the ‘moves’ properly or fast enough to go with the music.
After that you have to add in ‘musicality’ which is an elusive quality that’s basically how you relate and accent the ‘moves’ you’ve learnt with the different aspects of the music.
AND everyone’s musicality is different. Why?
Because we’re all different in our personalities, mannerisms, how we feel the music, how we express ourselves and what our life experiences have influenced with respect to how the music makes us feel.
It is only with practice that all these components can come together and you become a ‘good dancer’ in your style of choice.
Over time the practice builds new pathways and connections in your brain,
you build up your fitness level to be able to execute more complex or faster combinations of ‘moves’ and you build up ‘muscle memory’ of all the ‘moves’ so it becomes easier and easier to do them.
So, yes, there are many variables to master in dance.
Which is why I find it so freeing - it instantly gets me out of my head and into my body.
That in turn moves the energies through me that need to be moved without my brain or nervous system short-circuiting the release.
Hence, my unbridled love for it!
However, there is another way to experience this freedom and release – dancing to the beat/tune/guidance of your soul, higher self, inner compass or whatever else you may call it.
This type of practice (a form of embodiment practice) is similar to dance in that it requires music and your presence.
However, it doesn’t require any of the other variables required to be a ‘good dancer’.
Put simply, you play the music, set an intention (or not – it’s optional), and let all of your bodies (physical & 7 subtle bodies – etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial and ketheric template*), feel the music.
From this place your physical body will start to bring down the medicine you need from the music and start to express by moving (or not moving – sometimes I don’t move at all due to my background of ‘having to perform because I’m a dancer’).
This expression can consist of anything your soul, higher self, inner compass etc needs or desires to receive the medicine from the music.
As such, even though the expression is in response to the music, it may not follow the tune, rhythm or beats of the music.
And this is the key to making this practice work for you – any movement that is to form the expression MUST come from WITHIN YOU and facilitate the medicine your soul, higher self, inner compass etc needs.
It is not a performance for others or a ‘dance to the music’.
It has to come from your emotions and feelings and be expressed in a way authentic to you.
Otherwise the practice will not provide you with the medicine you need to heal or release blocks, traumas or anything else that is negatively affecting you.
If you turn it into a performance (or just move because music is playing) you will bypass receiving the medicine you need to heal.
This brings me back to the ‘ecstatic dance party to awaken [my] ancient heart’.
I hadn’t been out dancing or able to really let loose for years due to circumstances in my life that I had allowed to over consume my time and resources.
I was just about to go back to dance when I found out I was pregnant in January 2018.
Then, when my daughter was around 3 months old (November 2018), I tried to go back to dance again and bought a 10 class pass to attend my old studio in Brisbane.
I managed to go twice but just couldn’t seem to make it work to be able to go consistently.
So by the time I turned up at the ‘ecstatic dance party to awaken [my] ancient heart’ it had been something like 8 years since I had been able to really ‘let loose on a dance floor’.
Say what?!
How could I have let it get that long?
My most favourite activity since I was basically born and I hadn’t done it for around 8 years?
That’s disgusting.
However, something had changed since I last danced and that was I had learnt embodiment practice (as described above).
So, I walk into this ‘ecstatic dance party to awaken [my] ancient heart’, an hour late due to ‘mumlife’, and everyone is sitting in circle watching a performance.
I join the circle and receive my sacred cacao medicine and drink it.
Then the music starts to take me over and in no time “I’M BACK!”.
I’ve dropped into my soul-state body and am swaying my hips and weaving with my arms.
I see out the performance this way until the circle breaks up and everyone starts to move to their own rhythm and soul etc.
From there I ‘dance the night away’ and this experience is my initiation back into myself.
Back into my aligned truth, highest expression, essence and sovereignty.
Through the movement I have healed and release a total shut down of my sacral chakra, nervous system and energetic field collapse and moved through unquantifiable traumas that were deep within me.
I don’t even remember the ‘moves’ or what ‘dance’ I actually did.
I only know that others watching me (which I wasn’t aware of at the time) were enthralled with the movements and my energy – as I received a number of compliments from people at the end of the night.
Whilst I have an idea of how I was moving, that is not what’s important.
The medicine I received (and gave to others by embodying my full authenticity, power and sovereign expression) is.
For if we truly desire to be free we have to meet ourselves, our souls etc, again and again and again until we actually walk on the Earth with our souls completely in our bodies.
We are not designed to walk on the earth disconnected from our souls.
Our design is, in fact, to be souls in a human body having a human experience – via whatever desires our soul has.
It is only from this place that we claim our birthright freedom.
It cannot be accessed from anywhere else.
So, tell me, how deep are you willing to go to find your ‘dance’ and your freedom?
*Details regarding the 7 subtle bodies are a whole other post! If you would like me to provide you with information in this regard please let me know. When enough people ask for it I will do it.

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