Soul Drop #1

Recently I had a very interesting (and confronting!) download from my Soul. It was referencing all the things spiritual teachers, gurus, coaches, healers, every lightworker, earthangel and shaman etc spout as The Things We Must Do and/or Look At to heal/ live the life of our dreams/ ‘ascend’/ uplevel/ attract whatever thing/person into our lives/ become better people etc etc etc.
The download went like this:
“There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it all (everything, the Universe, life, Earth etc) JUST IS. All the teachings on value, worthiness, exchange, boundaries, receiving, individual power, taboo topics & practices, ‘de-valuing’ yourself, interactions, relationships, giving, service, connection, attachment… come from Ego and have it backwards. It doesn’t matter what other beings DO with what you give them, whether they reciprocate, how you are perceived by others or anything else ‘external’ to you. What matters is that you express and share the love. Expression is the ONLY reason souls desire physicality. There is nothing more.”
Whoa! Right? A lot to take in at a little bit after midnight. In bed. When you’re trying to sleep. Dog tired. Fighting insomnia and the urge to self-pleasure while binge watching porn until morning ( a blog for another time perhaps!)…
Can this be true?
How does this make me feel?
Is my Soul trippin’ balls right now?!
If this is true – how do I journey with everything I’ve ‘learned’ up until now?
If this is true – why didn’t my Soul tell me sooner? That would have saved me so much heartache, grief and work on myself.
If none of these things matter, why are so many people spruiking on and on and on about them?
If expression is our ‘raison d’etre’, why are there so many customs, rules, traditions, conventions, norms, practices in our human societies that limit our expression to ‘be polite’ and/or ‘have manners’?
Why does this download feel good to me?
A relief?
I started to contemplate what would happen if I started living my life with the belief that the main reason our souls incarnate is to express. That all the other things are part of the ‘human condition’ and don’t matter. What my life would be like, look like, feel like if I discarded all those things…
I went through the list one by one by one. I felt into each thing and what it did to me in all areas – my mindset, my nervous system, my energy field, my body.
In each area it felt amazing to let go of the thing!
Then the real feels hit me when I contemplated how many rules, customs, traditions etc exist to squash our expression.
Maybe my Soul is onto something here!
What if the only reason souls incarnate physically is for the purpose of expression?
Let that land.
Bring it into your Being.
Marinate in it.
How is your body feeling?
What is your ego saying?
What does your mind think?
And, finally, what is your heart holding around it?
For me, when I took all of this in – really took it in.
Sat with it.
Felt into it.
Asked my heart about it.
There was a relief. A letting go. That moment of ‘aaahhhh, now I can relax.’
If nothing matters and our souls desire expression above all else, life becomes a game.
Life becomes all about who can have the most fun.
Who can be the loudest.
Who can be the ‘proudest’.
Who can be the sassiest.
Who can be the most ‘out there’.
Focus is shifted from ‘getting emotional about everything’ to simply observing and interacting with life from a place of neutrality.
There are no triggers because the focus is ‘expression is life’ and that’s it.
There’s no charge around it.
Leaving my emotional and mental baggage behind in favour of playing with expression.
That feels freeing to me.

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