Shift Those Slavery Codes & Find Your Fierce Feminine Flow

Are you still trying to ‘push through it’ to your ‘successful life’?
Do you realise that over 70% of humans today are generators in human design, myself included?
Did you know that generators were literally the slaves building castles, roads, and anything else the rulers or kings/queens (who are the manifestors) desired?
That’s correct!
There are literally slavery codes built into the human genome/dna.
No wonder the elite focus on selling the story that you have to work hard for 30 years to own your home and then retire.
Us generators are literally their ‘worker bees’!
Fuck this knowledge (which I only recently acquired) leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.
Add to this the fact that all models of ‘success’ are founded in masculine ways of being that women are convinced they must follow to ‘succeed’ and you can start to feel what I’m feeling.
The whole concept is a farce!
Especially for women.
Women are the ultimate creators - we grow babies for fuck sake!
And if you’ve ever been pregnant, or had to heal reproductive issues, you know that shit is tiring!
So, left to our own devices, we would spend most of our pregnancies and healing times resting.
As women we MUST reject the slavery codes and masculine ways of being so that we allow our own feminine flow and natural soul-aligned pace of life to earth, land and then anchor in.
This is a journey I have finally anchored.
It was a long and hard struggle for me to break down the coding, the conditioning and the stories of shame and guilt for aligning my life with my soul.
And the key is sooo simple you’ve probably heard it a million times recently - focus on feeling good.
But how do we do that in our fast-paced lives and when we’re trying to keep our bills paid and food on the table etc?
Simple - follow my method:
1. when you wake up in the morning and before you check your phone or get out of bed, tune into your body and see what feelings or aches/pains are there and note where.
2. Take 3 deep breathes into your belly and place your hands on any sore places on your body or your sacral chakra (just above your pubis below your belly button) and ask your soul (for she expresses via your body) the number one thing she needs to feel supported and nourished today.
3. Keep holding your body and breathe slowly and deeply but not forced into all the sore areas of your body or your womb space and wait for your soul to answer. Don’t try to think your way to the answer, just let your soul drop it in via whatever means she desires - can be intuition, a change of where there is pain in your body or an instant knowing that you become overcome with. It will be the first ‘hit’ you receive. Trust it. No second guessing!
4. Write it down as the first thing on your to do list or in your diary and make sure you do it that day.
5. Rinse and repeat every day for 21 days and I guarantee any slavery codes will have started to shift and/or you’ll discover a new way of being that feels lighter, brighter and full of possibilities you couldn’t have dreamed of the 21 days prior.
Since the ‘new year’ rolled over I have been feeling so incredibly tired so I have been sleeping in’ every day to nourish and support myself.
And this practice alone has been paramount in anchoring my feminine flow and divine wealth codes.
Think about it - who has decided that sleeping past 7 or 8 am is a ‘sleep in’?
It certainly wasn’t me!
It was created for the ‘working class’ i.e. generators!
The only people benefitting from this belief are those relying on all the ‘little generators’ to work for them to create ‘success’ for them in their own lives.
The generators are their slaves who go to work every day, receive some amount of money for it who then have to go and trade that money for their life essentials.
Can you comprehend why this is out of alignment with soul and the real reason we are all on this planet?
We are brainwashed from birth that this isn’t so.
We are convinced that we ‘have to work hard’ and ‘do as we’re told’ to survive.
This puts us firmly out of alignment and into masculine survivor energy.
Women absolutely cannot thrive in this way.
Yes, we can do it for a certain amount of time but we all ultimately hit ‘burn out’ in the end.
The way forward for women is by honouring our cosmic nature and aligning with our feminine flow in every aspect of our lives.
If you don’t feel good doing something, don’t do it until you feel good.
For those of us with deficits, including me, it will take time during which you will be pushed and your resolve tested.
You must persevere through the remnants of the conditioning.
Embrace sleep if you’re tired.
Read a fictional novel if you love books but haven’t read for months.
Eat whatever food your soul calls for, even if it’s pizza 5 days in a row.
The point is it has to be something that your soul is craving.
Nourish yourself before you even think about doing something for someone else over you.
I’ve been insatiably tired since 1 January.
I was feeling like I could sleep for 3 months and it wouldn’t be enough.
Because in the lead up to 2020 turning over I had been pushing myself to do all the things:
  • be super mum
  • create for my business
  • see all the friends
  • do all the housework
  • de-clutter every room in the house
  • manifest more money
The lists were endless!
So on January 1 I woke up and my soul felt weary.
My body aching and tired.
I had absolutely no desire or energy to ‘do’ anything.
So I took ‘radical action’ and didn’t.
My soul said rest.
I pushed her for more - come on!
We’re going big in 2020, I gotta get organised.
Soul gave a resounding REST!
Every morning for the next 3 days.
So I embraced it and focused on rest and caring for my daughter.
It took me 3 days of ‘lounging around’, ‘sleeping in’ and eating ‘junk food’ for the shift to finally anchor in.
But once it did my inspiration, creativity and fire came back!
Stronger than ever.
I finally ditched the imposed shame and guilt around ‘not working’ or ‘not being productive’ in favour of my personal fierce feminine flow.
And I’ll tell you what, I’ve gotten more done (housework backlog & de-cluttering) in 2 days than I had the entire prior 5 months.
Being in your feminine flow is that powerful.
Feel good first, always!
If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it - no matter what it is.
You are worthy of finding your personal feminine flow and once you do you’ll wonder how you lived any other way.

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