Let Your Soul Land

What you focus on, grows.
Say what?! you’re probably thinking - how does that introduction go with this quote?
Well, hear me out.
If you’re focusing on all the negative things in your life, you’re only going to feel like there is nothing positive in your life.
Whether that’s true or not.
Similarly, if your focus is ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ and having this amazing looking life from the outside, there’s probably not a lot of fulfillment on the inside.
Because when you are motivated by things external to you, you are not connected to your own soul, her desires, her truth, your truth, your authenticity, your integrity.
How can you possibly be ‘tapped in’ to yourself when you are copying someone else?
To live the life that you are destined for requires deep inner inquiry and healing so that you can meet yourself.
Your true self.
That bright being hiding there in the darkness.
Holding traumas and pain and false beliefs and stories that just aren’t true after a lifetime of being suppressed.
A lifetime of trying to ‘fit in’ with everyone else.
A lifetime where every time that bright being wanted to shine or be their true authentic self, they didn’t feel safe to do so.
No one ‘had their back’.
The universe didn’t even ‘have their back’.
So they are tired.
They are scared.
They are scarred.
They are fearful of their truth.
They hate themself.
They can’t see a way forward.
So they ‘numb out’.
They focus on everything outside themself to feel relief.
It works for a while.
But then it doesn’t anymore.
Then they are forced to focus.
Really focus on themself.
Pushed to start loving themself.
Pushed to reface their wounds and their trauma and their pain and their fear and their
false beliefs and their stories.
Day after day they face the void.
Day after day they sit in and stir up the muck.
Day after day they purge the depths of themself.
Day after day they surrender and pray that they can get through it.
Then suddenly, after what feels like an eternity, they start to notice that they feel different.
The void isn’t as black anymore.
There is colour creeping in from the edges.
They don’t look the same anymore.
They don’t feel the same anymore.
They don’t hate themself anymore.
People they never even dreamed liked them start offering them support.
Feelings they’ve never had before start coming in from the littlest of things - they feel joy when they see a child happily playing with a toy.
They don’t feel triggered by the neighbour ‘who has it all’ anymore.
They want to get outside and walk in the sunshine.
The world is bright and shimmery.
They feel gratitude for life.
For being on Earth.
They don’t know why it took them so long to look at themselves.
Why didn’t I do it sooner?!
Life is GOOD!!
It’s only when we have experienced the ‘darkness’ that we can truly appreciate the ‘light’.
But the key to it all comes back to our focus.
Or our mindset.
Our minds are such powerful creators that they can hold us hostage in a story for decades if we aren’t willing to look inward.
But it’s this very focus that heals us.
Changes our lives.
Frees us from the illusion.
Once we realise that we are the master creators.
We are divine.
We are gods and goddesses.
There’s nothing that can hold us back from living lives of biblical proportions.
Our souls occupy our bodies and simply use them as a vehicle to connect to the Earth.
But our bodies will all ‘return to the dust’ in the end, while our souls will continue on through the other realms until accepting another ‘earthly assignment’ or moving on to another experiential school elsewhere.
Thus, we must focus on ‘what’s within’ to catalyse ‘what’s without’.
When you focus on ‘growing your soul’ your life has no trajectory other than to expand and
‘catch up’ with your soul in it’s highest expression and potentiality.
You must allow the fullness of your soul to reside in your body.
If your soul can’t ‘land’ with your body, it has nowhere to go other than to remain in the
higher realms and leave you to ‘fend for yourself’.
You must go within and do the work to allow it to land.
Focus on being in your centre with your soul and do everything from that place.
I guarantee that is where the magick comes from.
Conjure your co-creation (life) from your soul-fuelled centre and you’ll never have to stress about where to focus again.

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