How are you choosing to nourish yourself today, Mama?

How’s your ‘morning coffee’ going?
Have you managed to relieve your ‘morning pee’ yet?
How’s the breakfast leftovers today - did your child/ren’s mess manage to miss the floor?
Have you salvaged something off your kids’ plate for yourself?
Is your back holding up?
Have you dared to consider the holy grail - a shower?!
Managed to sit down for a min or 2?
Gotten the gremlin/s to sleep?
Done some washing?

Dear Mama, I see you, I honour you, I love you, I am you.

Throughout every chaotic moment and daily #mumlifechallenge, it’s the little things that add up.

Those stolen seconds between picking the plate up and putting it in the sink can allow a few deep belly breaths to ground you (at least a little).

Are you able to take some deep breaths now?

A minute to stop to drink the cold coffee and eat the cold left overs can gift your body some nutrients + your mind some relief.

Leaving the washing for 15 mins and sitting down with something just for you - cuppa tea + magazine perhaps - can be the little rest and reset you need to be able to keep on “keeping on”.

Dear Mama, I live your struggles, pain + challenges daily; I have had my fair share of ‘bi-weekly showers’; my daughter is my world, the same as yours.

However, you don’t have to martyr yourself or put yourself last all the time.

It’s not in your child/rens best interests to see you doing this all the time.

Yes, we all know it “won’t always be like this & our kids need us now”, however unless there’s something seriously dangerous going down, our kids benefit by learning that their mum takes + deserves time, support & nourishment as well.

It doesn’t hurt them to wait a minute or two for you to tend to one of your needs (hello solo toilet time!)

So, I ask you Dear Mama, how can you choose yourself first today?

Each of the above moments can spare a few mins for you if you claim them.

You are a powerful Creatrix - it’s time to own it + create a new #mumparadigm that supports you as well as you do your child/ren.

Are you willing?


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