Embrace, accept, support and unconditionally love your body - your life depends on it!

Our souls chose our bodies for this lifetime for a reason. Out of all the possible body types, shapes, sizes, weight, colours, strengths, features etc, our soul specifically chose the one we are wearing in this lifetime. We know that we are all souls on the Earth for a human experience and with that experience is the experience of being in the body.
All of our souls have desires they want birthed, earthed and actualised on the 3D plane, together with our purpose and earthly missions. Without our body we would be unable to attend to any of these things! In fact, our souls view our exact bodily make up as the PERFECT composition of those highly individual set of genetics and DNA for us to fulfil those very special purposes, soul work, earthly missions – whatever you want to call them – that only we are destined to.
Let’s put it another way – why would your soul choose a body that you couldn’t work with to meet your potentiality and purpose, or a body that is not fully functioning, unless it was critical to your mission, purpose, soul work in this lifetime? It’s just not possible that your own soul would ‘set you up for failure’!
Therefore, isn’t it time we gave up on all the stories we are telling ourselves about our ‘horrible bodies’ and started to embrace them, accept them, support them and, heaven forbid!, love them unconditionally?! Even if we are ‘not happy’ with how our body is right now, we can still embrace, accept, support and love her. In fact, if we want our body to vibrate at her optimal frequency (read: which equals physical health) we need to meet her where she is, the same way we meet, embrace, accept, support and our absolute best friend in the world, our soul sisters and brothers, even our parents.
Why are we so quick to speak harshly to ourselves, let our ego take over and perpetuate falsehoods at the expense of our sanity? Yet, in the same breath even, we will answer a phone call from someone we love who is in distress and show up for them without any thought that they don’t deserve all that we can offer to lift them up, love them and let them know they are valued, appreciated, deserving and supported!
We need to shift the paradigm! Next time you want to hate on your body, instead choose to love on her with one or more of the following beliefs:
  • My body has served me well this entire lifetime – she doesn’t need my input on how to function optimally – she just does it, day in; day out;
  • My body has always been there for me – even when I haven’t nourished her properly, exercised or even loved her – she has shown up for me every single day without fail; she continues to show up for me daily;
  • If you’re a mother – my body grew a baby (or multiple babies) for me without my input on any of it – if anything, I hindered her creation by not providing the support she desired in the baby creation process;
  • My body’s feet have not only carried me through life, but have also provided the foundation for my connection to the Earth; not to mention the foundation for my favourite past time of dancing;
  • My body’s legs are strong and sturdy (even with some extra fat and jiggle post baby);
  • My body allows me to transmute energies via embodiment practices;
  • My body allows me to travel the world and experience different cultures, play sports, be in photographs so I have memories of this lifetime (when was the last time you tried to photograph your soul?!), experience emotions, experience the world from different lenses and viewpoints with each incarnation;
  • My body allows me to experience physical pleasure, pain and a myriad of other physical sensations that can’t be felt with soul alone;
  • My body allows me to know what individuation feels like; and
  • Most importantly, my body allows me to do my soul work here on Earth which I wouldn't be able to do without her – without my body I wouldn’t even be on the Earth at this time, let alone contemplating 'soul work'!
Our bodies are our connection to the Earth!
We have no connection without them.
Yes we can ‘float around’ in our soul-state, but we cannot access any of the riches, resources or experiences that are available when we commune with the Earth in our body.
Life on Earth is so much richer, lighter, radiant, luminous and expressive when we are in our bodies.
Why would they even exist if they weren’t vehicles with a purpose for our soul?
If we didn’t NEED our bodies, would we have created them? I don’t think so.
There is nothing in all of creation that hasn’t come with a reason. Truly. Dig deep – throw everything you’ve got at me! I guarantee you won’t find a single thing in all of creation that doesn’t have at least one divine reason or purpose.
Consciousness craved connection with the Earth. Consciousness knew it was the next step in evolution. The portal to the expansion. Enlightenment.
Our bodies are the Ultimate Elemental providing the key to Enlightenment. Why do I say ‘Ultimate Elemental’? Because to create our bodies all of the elements are required. Our bodies absolutely are elemental in nature – what else is there to create them from on the Earth? Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether plus minerals, metals and a host of other materials that can only be sourced from Earth.
Yes, our souls come from the higher realms and dimensions, but as they are craving the embodied experience, they simply ride the stargate soul centre to the incarnation soul centre and ‘jump on board’ at the creation soul centre when the sperm meets the egg (*more on the soul centres in future posts – there are 19 of them so I can’t possibly cover them all here!).
That’s the final point in all of this – our bodies allow us to experience our divinity and creation legacy via our sexuality.
Our sexuality exists as our divine gateway to our highest pleasure which in turn creates our ‘greatest pleasure and co-created future’ – our children.
The act of ‘consummation’ is the closest act to the creation of the divine and allows us to access our divinity via ‘creating children’ from our internal universes which birth new creations and universes inside our children, activating yet more universes, portals and dimensions indefinitely (*more on sexuality and divinity in future posts – this is a huge topic and cannot be covered in one post!).
Again, none of this can be accessed or experienced without the body.
If you’re still having trouble accepting that your soul chose your body, here’s a link to my story of body shame and how it impacted my life very negatively - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4pzBS3ACff/

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