Claiming my core desired feelings and soul's desires for 2020

At the beginning of each month I do a check in on my core desired feelings and soul's desires for the next month. However, since it's now December and potent energy and manifesting vortexes have been bestowed on us, on 1 December I did my check in for both December and next year - 2020! I can't believe it's almost 2020 - can you? It feels like only yesterday I was a girl in primary school in the '90s dreaming about all the technology and advancements the 2000's 'would bring' and here we are on the threshold of 2020... already! Time really does fly, so we have to make the most of our presence and present moments every day. I've found no better way to do that than working with my core desired feelings and aligning with my soul's desires. So, without further ado, let's get into it!
Core Desired Feelings for December & 2020 + Check In
Firstly, some of the stuff I'm calling in has already happened - which is really cool!
1. Soul-Aligned
The first feeling that I want to feel every day of my life through December and 2020 is Soul-Aligned.
Now, not just aligned - I used to say aligned - but aligned with what?
I want to be aligned with my soul.
I want to be in my soul state every day, in that magick and potency.
Which is helped by self-love and self-nurturing practices to support my body and nervous system. (I just came out of nervous system shut down and let me tell you it's not a place I wish to return to any time soon! I was in shut down for about 4 days and my daughter started playing up as well because she was feeding off my energy.) So, it's about getting back in touch with soul, earthing everything through the soul-earth channel and then actually embodying it - i.e. living it in the 3D every day.
So, Soul-Aligned is the first one.
2. Joy-Filled
The next one is Joy-Filled.
Again, joy to me is a little bit abstract. What is joy exactly?
Yes, we can feel joy in a moment, but I want to be filled with joy when I feel joy. So, I modified this one as well.
I haven’t had a lot of joy in my life for quite some time now, so it’s definitely time to bring the joy back in.
Let's start now in December and carry it through into the whole of 2020!
3. Easeful
The next one is Easeful.
I had written down Ease, however it is again a bit abstract in my brain, so I’ve adapted it to easeful.
I want to be full of ease.
For the longest time I was writing ease and flow as separate feelings. But, you know, ease and flow go together for me so I have combined them into feeling easeful.
Otherwise I am going to have too many core desired feelings - you're supposed to pick 5 but I have 8. That's just how I am, my mood changes so regularly and I have a lot of emotions, so I need more. (That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it!)
4. Sovereign
The next one is Sovereign.
I want to be a sovereign being in my power, my truth and my authenticity. To not let other people or situations in life sway me. Maintain my energy in service to my highest and best every day. Keep it steady and vibrating where I need to be vibrating.
5. Committed
The next one following that is Committed.
I am committed to my soul work. I am all in.
I’m not here for any other purpose. My soul chose me in this body and this lifetime and everything that’s happened for me to do this soul work now.
So I am committed to that every single day and I want to stay in that commitment.
So, committed is the next core desired feeling I have.
6 & 7. Loved & Desired
The next 2 kind of go together.
I’ve always had Loved on my list because I always want to feel loved - I am a big ball of love and do everything from my heart.
Love is basically my main emotion! I am a Libra star sign but on the cusp of Virgo though, so it’s a little bit different to 'normal Libra'.
So first loved and then I’m taking it up a notch - I want to be Desired.
I want to feel desired - I want to feel what that feels like rather than just love.
Because, you know, there’s all different types of love - friends, family, romantic etc and all of that spectrum.
But I want to really get into the potency and feel desired and have all the pleasure and joy and things like that that come along with it.
8. Valued
And then the last one is that I want to feel Valued.
The reason for this one is because over the past few years I’ve been living my life by doing things for other people. I think that I got a little bit (ok, a lot!) taken for granted.
So, I don’t want that to happen anymore.
I want to feel valued, and value myself and what I’m doing.
All of this ties into being in my soul-state flow. I want to be fully soul-aligned in my Goddess, Divine embodied state.
In my soul state flow, really earthing and connected with the earth all the time, as well as connected with soul all the time.
I always want to come from that place.
I don’t want to come from fear.
I don’t want to lower my vibration.
I just want to sit in it, and with it, and be really earthed and flow with that channel moving forward.
So, those are my 8 core desired feelings for December and into 2020:
  • soul-aligned
  • joy-filled
  • easeful
  • sovereign
  • committed
  • loved & desired
  • valued
I don’t think they’re gonna change in January when I do this again, but, ah, we’ll see...
December Check In
When you do the check in you start with your core desired feelings and then you move onto where it says, “my goals and intentions”.
"my goals are bringing my core desired feelings to life", or
"I need to change up refine or deepen to move closer to my goals and intentions"
So I am really stepping up - I don't want to have to play small anymore.
I just want to be in my full expression of who I am, my truth, my authenticity, my integrity all the time.
Therefore, my goal and intention in this section is just one and it says:
“honour my soul and her desires and my own full expression in all my actions regardless of how people perceive me”
I just want to be in my full potency in my fullness all the time.
I know that can cause conflict with people, or people might not resonate with that. And that’s fine - if you don’t like me, or it doesn’t resonate - that’s cool.
We’re not all here to be 'besties' with everyone!
We’re all here to connect with the souls that we’re here to connect with and make the change that we’re here to make.
Or, to live and experience this human experience however our soul desires.
So, that’s my goal and intention.
The next section is "what’s been really working for me" and there’s 2 things here.
The first thing is slowing down, focusing on nurturing and supporting myself and healing old wounds that I have realised I hadn’t healed properly.
I kind of half healed them and then, when I became a single mum, all these things came up for me. I've been going back into those wounds and I’ve been healing them. I've also focusing on nurturing my nervous system because I was doing a lot of activations, codes, upgrades etc and then my nervous system couldn't hold it - her in my body or in my energetic field on the Earth so it shut down.
I was all fine in the soul realms - massive expansion, stepping up, claiming, potency, power, activation, etc etc. But I couldn't bring it through, to my field and body to earth.
The second thing is showing up for my soul work and my business every single day.
I’ve been doing at least one thing every single day now for around the past 6 weeks.
Just something.
Some days I’ll do a lot more, but every day I do at least one things and I'm really really feeling good about it. I'm getting the momentum going because I want to go big with my soul work in 2020 - I'm not playing small anymore!
Next section - "what needs to shift?"
This ties into what I've been saying - there's all one theme to this.
Being influenced by other people’s energy and not feeling accepted to show up as my full self has been a recurring thing - I’ll clear it and it keeps coming back!
So, I think "I’m done with it now" but then it will come back. So, my first intention is that this influence on me is released completely.
Then the next thing that needs to shift is that I get a bit overwhelmed with being a single mum. Because it’s something that I never actually wanted to be.
I’m accepting of it and I’ve surrendered to it but I always feel like I’m 'not doing enough' or 'I’m not a good mother' or 'I’m damaging my daughter'. You know, all those thoughts that mothers have! So I get a bit overwhelmed.
I’m shifting it - I’m changing the rhetoric. I’ve been practicing just surrender and let go; just doing a bit less everyday - because the house work is always going to be there!
You clean the kitchen - it’s always going to be messy the next time you make a meal anyway. So, why am I stressing myself out about it?
You do the washing - you’re going to need to do the washing the next week again anyway.
Pick up the toys - they’re only going to get pulled out the next time Shali’s wanting to play anyway.
So, I’m redefining how our routines and our life look to better suit us and to stop me from stressing about everything, and putting too much pressure on myself.
Ok the next section - "how I will be softer, stronger, more determined".
So, basically, I’m bettering myself.
One of the first things is to practice not attaching meaning to things unless I have been expressly told the meaning. That is, don’t just make up meaning in my head myself!
I get anxiety from time to time, so my thoughts and my brain just make shit up. And then I’m running with it and I’m going “this is the truth”.
It's not actually always the truth.
So that’s the first thing.
The second thing is, I have this persona of being really extroverted and being a 'pocket rocket', a 'pit bull', a 'dragon' - this really fiery, extroverted, confident, larger than life person.
And I can be that, but at my core and my heart centre I’m actually quite shy.
When I was a little girl, when we walked down the street and anybody wanted to talk to me, I would literally be under my mum’s skirt. Up under my mum’s skirt! I was that shy of talking to people when I was a little girl.
In my heart I’m still that shy person, I just don’t acknowledge it and I don’t tell people about it because I’ve built up this larger than life persona. Yes, that leads me too.
But, the older I get, the more calm and quiet I’m becoming. Then that larger than life persona only comes out from time to time when she wants to.
That persona is not me all the time and I'm ok with that.
I’m actually an extroverted introvert. So, when I’m out and around people I get really happy and excited and I vibe off that atmosphere.
For example, when I’m out dancing I really vibe off the music but then I need a lot of downtime, a lot of alone time and quiet time away from people to recharge.
I hadn’t been giving myself that nurturing so I’m letting go of the persona and I’m not going to pretend that I’m an actual extrovert anymore because I’m not.
Never have been.
Thought I was but I’m not.
And the final thing is what I’m going to do to change how I’m showing up.
I’m focusing on maintaining my soul-state embodiment.
Do things everyday to connect with my soul; to the truth. Stay in that soul state; come from that soul state; make decisions from there.
If something happens and I’m in collapse or whatever, I’m going to sit with that, process it and then come back to soul as soon as I can.
My Soul's Desires for December & 2020
My Soul's Desires for December & 2020 are:
  • I want to have a thriving small business.
  • I want to be present with my daughter every day, play with her, enjoy her, have fun - enjoy being with her in presence, at least for a section of every day. I’m devoting to her every day. I want to take her to the park, or to the shopping centre, or just out of the house every day because she really is much happier when I take her out and we don’t stay home all day. So, I’m making the effort to do that with her everyday.
  • I want to feel joyful at least once a day.
  • Financial freedom by March. So, I’ve given myself a few months and that’s why I’ve committed every day to do something on my business, because that is how we build momentum. That is how we stay committed and how we feel good about things - we’re actually achieving things!
  • I want to host Dancing with Earth and Soul circles - I want to create these circles for people.
  • I want to have weekly soul sister circles for women and mothers where they can bring their kids to. "It’s only 10 bucks, come and connect, have some nurturing time and your kids can play with each other." I'm hosting these at my house and starting them soon.
  • I want to consistently have between 3 to 5 1:1 clients in my Soul Aligned Life program or any other 1:1 program that I create.
  • I will do 4 rounds of Earthangel Energy Incubator program, 2 rounds of Legals In The Light.
  • I am doing activation art pieces and prints for people to have their healing or activation codes as an art piece with energy infused into it personally for you, or a 'generic' abundance one for example, if you didn’t want a personal one. They're actually hand created and drawn.
  • Oh this one’s really exciting! I am bringing out some jewellery in the new year - it’s very beautiful jewellery. I’m still waiting on the proposals to come back, but it’s all looking good. It’s going to be high end rose gold, silver, or white gold, really nice crystals and the first piece is a pendant that is for heart and womb healing and/or activation. I can’t wait to get the concept back! I’ve connected with a jeweller in Brisbane and I’m designing all the pieces and they are creating the collection for me. They are going to be like capsule collections for different seasons - limited edition each time. I’m really really excited about that and down the track I will start to make high end jewellery myself. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to learn how to make high end jewellery and to have a jewellery line that is spiritual and helps us anchor in and hold the energies as well as something that can be a beautiful family heirloom and passed down through. So, I'm super excited it's happening!
  • I would like to be a guest on 10 podcasts in 2020. So, if you know any podcasts that my work resonates with, please let me know so I can apply for them. I need to get the word out.
  • I would like to do regular motivational speaking gigs as well. I am a public speaker and I have some good messages to share, so I would like to do that as well.
  • There are 3 books that I would like to publish - Dancing With Earth And Soul, the Legals In The Light book and the Earthangel Energy Book. So, they go with my programs.
  • I would like to create 2 card decks - one deck of activation codes and an Earthangel Energy deck. They are similar to Oracle cards but I want to imbue each deck with actual energetics and templates to activate you when you pick a card.
  • I would like to be well known internationally. I want my brand to grow. I want to impact the world and help people with my work.
  • I will be offering Legal Life Planning packages in conjunction with some other professionals I know because I’m no longer a solicitor. We are working together to offer these packages to help people set up their life in such a way that they are supported by the legal system and protected. That's really important to me - that you are able to use the systems that we currently have to support you in whatever it is that you’re doing. My main focus is light workers, healers, maybe masseuses, reiki, kinesiology; all the spiritual people. I want to support and uplift them with these packages.
  • I am also putting together a Community Start Up and Tiny Home Set Up package so that people can create their own communities and live off the grid. It’s really important to me that we find different ways to be, rather than all these 'new estates' going up everywhere that are taking all the virgin land and really increasing and inflating the property prices. Also, tiny homes and community living is much more sustainable than what has been going on in the property market.
  • I want to do dancing gigs regularly. I need to get dancing back into my life! I haven’t danced for so long - I was about to go back to dance when I found out I was pregnant. I tried to go back since having Shaliah but it wasn't easy to connect my calendar with my husband at the time. That’s actually why I’m really wanting to go all in on my soul work and create a new life for us. So, regular dancing - getting that happening.
  • I want to make my own music - I’ve always been a singer and I’ve always played various instruments. I’m going to experiment with that. I have a guitar; I have jembe; I have some shaker things and stuff, so I’m just going to have some fun with learning the music and see if I can release something in 2020. It will be fun!
  • I would like to be joyful every single day.
  • I would like to have a soul-connected partnership in 2020. I'm calling in a soul-aligned soul-connected divine partnership because I’ll be ready for that next year.
  • I want to be aligned with my authenticity at all times - always coming from a place of true soul-alignment.
  • I want to be able to take Shaliah on road trips and be a bit nomadic. So, I desire a 7-seater 4WD and a lotus bell tent, or a bus that I can convert into a tiny home on wheels so that we can be a bit more nomadic and travel around before she starts school. And also take my work to different regional areas so that I can work with you in person if you're not local to me.
  • I want my body to be at its optimal fitness and vibrancy. I had some health problems in the past couple of years so it’s time now for me to rebalance everything. I can get my health back and I’m on track, I’m doing pretty well so far.
  • Would like to be location independent. I’ve always wanted to travel - it's one of the main things I've always wanted to do since I was really little. I may still have a 'home base' (where I live now). But I want to be able to travel whenever we feel like it.
  • I want professional support in all needed areas - personal assistants, social media, etc. I need to build my team - I need people to support me in this business.
  • I would like my business to be 7 figures. I may not reach that in 2020, but you know I’ve got to hold the vision, hold the goal. I’m ready! I’ve had it on the shelf for such a long time and the only time I really have is now. So, I’m claiming it!
  • I want Shaliah to be thriving, happy, and healthy.
  • I would like her to be in daycare 3 days a week so I can actually get some work done and she can make some friends and have some interaction with children around her own age.
  • I want to explore the world and to have really deep and connected friendships and see my friends regularly in person. This is really important to me. I have been isolated for the past couple of years, 'on the hamster wheel' doing all the things. So, yes, I really would like to have friendships again.
  • I would like to be writing every day - which I kind of already am now. Writing poetry, story-telling, educational blog posts and things which I’m basically doing now. I would like to keep doing that - I really actually enjoy writing. I was told when I was at school that I 'should be a writer'. (Actually, I started writing my first book in 2002 and I still haven’t had anything published! So, I need to get it going and put myself out there).
  • I want to do a lot more Facebook lives and Instagram TV and I want to get back on my Youtube channel. I’ve already started doing more videos for you guys.
  • Oh this is fun, I’d like to fly first class everywhere. Who wouldn’t like that? Why not? Unless there’s another mode of transport that I desire more...
  • I would like to be drawing or painting most days.
  • I would like to spend some time in the sun every day.
  • I want to have an amazing tan from being in the sun. I have not spent anywhere near enough time in the sun for the past, at least 10 years. So, would like to get in the sun and do that.
  • I would like to have regular yoga classes - bring in more movement, more physical activity. Yoga and dancing are 2 things that I love.
  • I would like help at home - a cleaner, cook, nanny. So I can really commit to being of service to the world and creating things that will support people that need to be supported.
  • I’d like to own land and have built a tiny home, or compound on it and being self-sufficient.
  • I want to have a morning spiritual practice every day. I was doing this, but since Shaliah has been born I haven’t been able to do it in the morning. Now we’re getting back on track and into good routine. She’s been sleeping a bit longer in the mornings - so once I can get my sleep habits sorted out I can get up early and have my morning routine before she wakes up. That’s the plan anyway, we’ll see...
  • I would like to have a 3-day work week, unless I want to work more. So, I probably will be working more than 3 days because I actually really enjoy my work. But 3 days seeing clients and the rest of the time creating if I feel like it. But it’s not an obligation - totally optional.
  • I would like to collaborate with some other healers and create programs and work with them combining modalities. I think it would be really cool for male and female healers to work together in programs. So that’s what I would like to have.
  • I would like Shaliah to have many friends around her age that she sees all the time.
  • I would like Shaliah to be in dance classes because we are a family of dancers. I want to get her started! I was waiting for her to be able to walk to be able to put her in the classes and she’s walking pretty well now. So in the new year, dance classes for Shaliah.
  • I want to be working with a coach next year - one that will really hold me in accountability and alignment with all my visions and desires. So that I don’t collapse again and I really power forward to help the people that I want to help.
  • I would like to help 1 million people with my soul work. I think a lot of people need support in the world right now - so, yes, I would like to help 1 million people. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. (I don’t know how I’m going to do any of this, but I’m claiming it anyway. Because we have to bring our desires into the field and set the wheels in motion).
  • Oh, here’s a desire that I don’t know how to ever fit it in - I would love to tour the United States in a converted bus for 6 months and document that on Youtube. That would be so much fun! Don’t know when, don’t know how, but it would be awesome - I’d love it!
  • I wanna complete my tattoo sleeve and have some little symbols that have been coming through put at key points on my body - just little ones.
  • I would like to go really deep into the self-care and the pampering in 2020 when I have the abundant cash flow to really look after myself and anchor myself in my body because that’s really important. We can have a whole heap of things up in the soul realms or in the energetic field but you have to anchor them down which requires embodiment work, clearing work and looking after yourself in the 3D. So, facials, massages, waxing, nails, pedicures, get my hair done, things like that.
  • I would like to be the visionary and creatrix for my business and let my staff do the rest - unless I desire to do something. I want to just be in my zone of genius, what makes me happy, what makes me feel good.
  • I will be eating organic vegan food everywhere I go. I do at home but sometimes when I travel it’s not always as easy for me to get as I would like. So, I’m really committing to that even when travelling.
  • I would like every day to flow with ease, laughter, joy, fun, grace, passion, love, intimacy, friendships, spontaneity, freedom and touch. That would be really really awesome. I’ve been really missing that.
  • I’d like to have time read actual physical books regularly. I do have Kindle and I have had Audible. But I like physical books to read - I like to lie on my bed and have the tactile books to read.
So that's everything that I'm calling in and that I'm desiring for December and 2020!
Thank you for being with me.
If you have any questions about any of this at all, please let me know. I'm so happy to answer any of your questions!

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