• Vulnerability activates receptivity

    Vulnerability activates receptivity.

    It is only when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others that we can make authentic connections with them.

  • A visit with Ms Grief (and her sledgehammer)

    Sitting here on my couch writing on my laptop while my daughter watches Muppet Babies, I am quietly proud of myself...
  • How are you choosing to nourish yourself today, Mama?

    How’s your ‘morning coffee’ going?
    Have you managed to relieve your ‘morning pee’ yet?
    How’s the breakfast leftovers today - did your child/ren’s mess manage to miss the floor?
    Have you salvaged something off your kids’ plate for yourself?
    Is your back holding up?
    Have you dared to consider the holy grail - a shower?!
    Managed to sit down for a min or 2?
    Gotten the gremlin/s to sleep?
    Done some washing?

    Dear Mama, I see you, I honour you, I love you, I am you...
  • ~ Vanessa ~


    Vanessa rolled out of bed and groaned.  It was now 7.30 am and she had to be at work by 8.00!  Why does this always happen to me, she thought, and always when it’s a Monday morning.  Well, better hurry up then.  Into the shower she raced, stayed there 5 minutes, then on with her chocolate brown suit, cream long sleeved blouse and violet vest.  She pulled her stockings up in a hurry, ran a comb through her hair, hastily clipped it back with a hair clip, bobby-pinned her fringe out of the way, slashed some lipstick across her lips and wiped the mascara wand over her eyelashes.  It was now 10 minutes to 8.  To the fridge she raced, grabbed her lunch and was out the door in 2 seconds flat.

    Not again...

  • Dancing with Earth & Soul ~Part One

    I have arrived.
    The place is shut but I can hear music.
    I step into the room and it is dark.
    I can see lights and a circle of people sitting.
    I wonder “how am I going to fit into this group?”
    I look to the right and see bags and shoes and other items placed in the corner.
    I look back to the group.
    I am timid but as I slowly walk over, not knowing what I should do an earthangel in a beautiful lacy black dress appears...
  • The 'dance' that comes from within is what frees us

    Recently I attended an ‘ecstatic dance party to awaken [my] ancient heart’.
    Now, dance is something that I have always enjoyed because when I am dancing there is no room for any other thoughts or ideas in my brain.
    It is an activity which requires full attention, presence and concentration.
    When you are dancing you have to be in the present moment and pay attention to what you are doing.
    Why? Because there are many variables that go into it...
  • What is an Energetic Support Network & Why We ALL Need One ~ the video!

  • What is an Energetic Support Network & Why We ALL Need One

    We all know what a ‘standard support network’ is right – a group of people and professionals who help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.
    But what is an energetic support network?
    It starts with cultivating people around you that support you on your journey to living a life aligned with your soul. Those who honour your desire to look after your energy stores or reserves. The people who want you to succeed and accomplish your dreams!
    But that is not where this equation ends...
  • The first time I questioned being a lawyer

    I didn’t think it would take this long to find a job over here. I am a qualified, soon to graduate, lawyer in my mid 20s — every company’s dream employee right? Well, not so much in Switzerland. The number of hurdles to get past just compounds on itself each day — first there are the immigration laws, then racial perceptions, language barriers and finally self motivation (or lack thereof!) after rejection after rejection. Not to mention the panic surrounding the global financial crisis...

  • Soul Drop #1

    Recently I had a very interesting (and confronting!) download from my Soul. It was referencing all the things spiritual teachers, gurus, coaches, healers, every lightworker, earthangel and shaman etc spout as The Things We Must Do and/or Look At to heal/ live the life of our dreams/ ‘ascend’/ uplevel/ attract whatever thing/person into our lives/ become better people etc etc etc.
    The download went like this:
    “There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it all (everything, the Universe, life, Earth etc) JUST IS. All the teachings on value, worthiness, exchange, boundaries, receiving, individual power, taboo topics & practices, ‘de-valuing’ yourself, interactions, relationships, giving, service, connection, attachment… come from Ego and have it backwards. It doesn’t matter what other beings DO with what you give them, whether they reciprocate, how you are perceived by others or anything else ‘external’ to you. What matters is that you express and share the love. Expression is the ONLY reason souls desire physicality. There is nothing more.”
  • If you want to be chosen; choose yourself first

    Choosing myself first has been my longest journey in life so far.
    As of only a few weeks ago I finally get it.
    Choosing yourself first goes against the grain of everything taught to us by society, our parents, our teachers, our mentors and anyone else we generally learn about ‘being a good person’ from.
    Following the death door the eclipse gave me, I discovered that I had never truly chosen myself first at any point in my life.
    Say what?!
    How could a confident, intelligent and powerful woman like myself never have chosen herself?
  • Shift Those Slavery Codes & Find Your Fierce Feminine Flow

    Are you still trying to ‘push through it’ to your ‘successful life’?
    Do you realise that over 70% of humans today are generators in human design, myself included?
    Did you know that generators were literally the slaves building castles, roads, and anything else the rulers or kings/queens (who are the manifestors) desired?
    That’s correct!
    There are literally slavery codes built into the human genome/dna.