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©2018 by Jasmina Earthangel

About Me

Jasmina Earthangel is an ex-solicitor on a mission to change the world one person at a time.

Having lived a life cut off from her soul (and her joy), it is her most heartfelt desire to guide and support you on your journey to further self-discovery, soul alignment and establishing the foundation for your thriving life that not only your soul desires but you get to choose for yourself!

Prior to stepping into her soul work, Jasmina worked in the legal industry for 18 years.  She started as an 'office junior', quickly working her way up into paralegal roles before becoming a solicitor.  Whilst Jasmina enjoys helping people to use the legal system as a support in their lives, she did not enjoy 'standard legal practice' as a solicitor in a law firm.

Jasmina is your Soul-Earth Channel Creatrix and now works with light workers, earth angels, healers and anyone else seeking to re-align and heal their relationship to their soul.

Her work holds you in your highest truth and gifts you whatever is needed - e.g. clearing blocks, activation code/s, strengthening your energetic field etc - to allow you to intentionally create your life in alignment with soul, earth, your core desired feelings, core values and anything else you may desire to bring into your life.

The work starts with connecting to your soul and then connecting to earth to create a clear channel between your soul council and your earth council.  Then your soul's desires are brought into the 3D reality via various tools and practices, such as journaling, embodiment and activation codes, as well as setting up a strategy and structuring plan from her legal and business expertise.

Book in for a FREE Earthangel Clarity Session and let Jasmina explore your needs and whether you'd be a great fit to journey together in the realms of earth and soul.


Jasmina helped me find my voice at a time when I forgot I had one.  She believed in me and empowered me to change my perspective to regain my power.

M Geary

Jasmina was a welcome support at a time in need for me. I appreciated her integrated approach to her work that really changed a few scenarios I had operating at the time. Jasmina is a legal healing genius who somehow made my legal problem energetically and physically disappear for me. I appreciate her so much and couldn't be more grateful for her love and support.