~Soul Drops~

Quick drops of truth, inspiration, things to ponder, ideas, musings and the like from my Soul to yours with the intention to:

~brighten your day,

~give you something to think about,

~guide you back to your Soul,

~support you in soul-aligned living,

~receive truths that may resonate with you and/or someone you know.

Who you BE is Paramount to NEW EARTH!

As we traverse the energies of these times we MUST find our centre and clarity.

Yes, it’s tempting to wallow in our darkness and ‘prepare ourselves to emerge’ like seedlings do under the Earth.

Yes, we must go to our depths to meet our dark mystery and feel our emotions.

Yes, embodiment practices help us to journey with our emotions and move the energies through our earthly vessels - our bodies.

BUT (you knew there was a but coming right?!)

Our Souls have incarnated now for a reason.
Our Souls have ensured everything we need is within us.
Our Souls (and the Universe) have our back.

We are so supported and loved and held in our essence of who we BE.

There’s no need to play small.
There’s no need to shy away from your Soul's purpose.
Your Soul has desires and you ARE WORTHY of them - no matter when they surface.

You CAN BE the master of your own destiny.

Your soul-luxe life is waiting for YOU to SAY YES to it.

Your Soul is holding you in unconditional love patiently waiting for you to step into alignment and go ALL IN with her.

The current regime knows this.
It is designed to take us out and hold us back.

Yes we must have discernment and self-responsibility - but doesn’t that apply anyway?

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in our external environment, self-responsibility and discernment is so necessary.

Especially NOW.

And, guess what - so is energetic mastery!

You can master your energy levels.
You can use tools and practices to work through your emotions.
You can focus on holding your centre.


If you don’t take responsibility for your life by mastering your energy and emotions no one else can do it for you.

It starts with getting real about why you’re here NOW.

It starts by communing with your Soul and going ALL IN.

It starts by saying NO to the stories that make you feel 'yucky, icky and sticky'!.

It starts with saying YES to YOUR own POWER of creation and working with it.

You are not a spectator in the ‘game of life’ - you are a powerful co-creator!

Embrace it.
Play with it.
Have fun with it.

Your Soul-luxe Life is instantly activated when you accept it.

It is here to be created, loved and anchored in communion with your Soul.

It is whatever you want it to be.
No two are exactly alike.

Just the same as no two humans are exactly alike - your Soul-luxe Life is unique to you and your Soul.
It’s up to you to create it.


I’m here to help you do it!

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recent musings

  • How are you choosing to nourish yourself today, Mama?

    How’s your ‘morning coffee’ going?
    Have you managed to relieve your ‘morning pee’ yet?
    How’s the breakfast leftovers today - did your child/ren’s mess manage to miss the floor?
    Have you salvaged something off your kids’ plate for yourself?
    Is your back holding up?
    Have you dared to consider the holy grail - a shower?!
    Managed to sit down for a min or 2?
    Gotten the gremlin/s to sleep?
    Done some washing?

    Dear Mama, I see you, I honour you, I love you, I am you...
  • ~ Vanessa ~


    Vanessa rolled out of bed and groaned.  It was now 7.30 am and she had to be at work by 8.00!  Why does this always happen to me, she thought, and always when it’s a Monday morning.  Well, better hurry up then.  Into the shower she raced, stayed there 5 minutes, then on with her chocolate brown suit, cream long sleeved blouse and violet vest.  She pulled her stockings up in a hurry, ran a comb through her hair, hastily clipped it back with a hair clip, bobby-pinned her fringe out of the way, slashed some lipstick across her lips and wiped the mascara wand over her eyelashes.  It was now 10 minutes to 8.  To the fridge she raced, grabbed her lunch and was out the door in 2 seconds flat.

    Not again...