Clients on Working With Me

"Jasmina was a welcome support at a time in need for me. I appreciated her integrated approach to her work that really changed a few scenarios I had operating at the time. Jasmina is a legal healing genius who somehow made my legal problem energetically and physically disappear for me. I appreciate her so much and couldn’t be more grateful for her love and support.”

M Geary

"I have worked with Jasmina for over 2 years now and her knowledge of business, the law and navigating the legal system have been a huge help to the evolution of my business.

Jasmina's intuition and honesty combined with her ability to find the best solution for any legal or business issue presented makes working with her invaluable.

In my opinion, Jasmina's breadth of experience across legal, business and energy work is unique and is unrivalled by anyone in her field. I would highly recommend working with Jasmina."

Sonja B

"Jasmina is more than just a 'soul guide'... She has taught me about business structures, operation and Legal Life Planning; shown me more about myself than any other person could; helped me to find my place in the world and discover my true purpose and 'soul mission'.  

By providing support and a safe space for me to look at my patterns and programming, Jasmina helped me realise that the beliefs I was holding onto did not support where I wanted to be in life."

Kayne B

"Jasmina helped me find my voice at a time when I forgot I had one.  She believed in me and empowered me to change my perspective to regain my power."

Ronnie P

"#shoutout to Jasmina Earthangel for her help with our recent land purchase.

I posted here a few months ago that Neil and I planned to look at some off grid land when we were home in Australia getting married.

There’s a funny story about how we actually found the property ... but ... I want to say a HUGE thankyou.

We bought the land 2 days before our wedding, signed the contract 2 days after the wedding and were able to leave the rest of the details in the capable hands of Jasmina, while we flew back to the US just days later.

We settled on Thursday and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ease she made it all happen with.

I highly highly recommend Jasmina... "

Sarah T

"Jasmina helped my kids and I be free from an abusive relationship and helped me learn healthy boundaries.  She has also inspired me to meditate again and follow my soul desires."

Amanda B


As we traverse the energies of these times we MUST find our centre and clarity.

Yes, it’s tempting to wallow in our darkness and ‘prepare ourselves to emerge’ like seedlings do under the Earth.

Yes, we must go to our depths to meet our dark mystery and feel our emotions.

Yes, embodiment practices help us to journey with our emotions and move the energies through our earthly vessels - our bodies.

BUT (you knew there was a but coming right?!)

Our Souls have incarnated now for a reason.
Our Souls have ensured everything we need is within us.
Our Souls (and the Universe) have our back.

We are so supported and loved and held in our essence of who we BE.

There’s no need to play small.
There’s no need to shy away from your Soul's purpose.
Your Soul has desires and you ARE WORTHY of them - no matter when they surface.

You CAN BE the master of your own destiny.

Your soul-luxe life is waiting for YOU to SAY YES to it.

Your Soul is holding you in unconditional love patiently waiting for you to step into alignment and go ALL IN with her.

The current regime knows this.
It is designed to take us out and hold us back.

Yes we must have discernment and self-responsibility - but doesn’t that apply anyway?

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in our external environment, self-responsibility and discernment is so necessary.

Especially NOW.

And, guess what - so is energetic mastery!

You can master your energy levels.
You can use tools and practices to work through your emotions.
You can focus on holding your centre.


If you don’t take responsibility for your life by mastering your energy and emotions no one else can do it for you.

It starts with getting real about why you’re here NOW.

It starts by communing with your Soul and going ALL IN.

It starts by saying NO to the stories that make you feel 'yucky, icky and sticky'!.

It starts with saying YES to YOUR own POWER of creation and working with it.

You are not a spectator in the ‘game of life’ - you are a powerful co-creator!

Embrace it.
Play with it.
Have fun with it.

Your Soul-luxe Life is instantly activated when you accept it.

It is here to be created, loved and anchored in communion with your Soul.

It is whatever you want it to be.
No two are exactly alike.

Just the same as no two humans are exactly alike - your Soul-luxe Life is unique to you and your Soul.
It’s up to you to create it.


I’m here to help you do it!

~Soul Drops~

Quick drops of truth, inspiration, things to ponder, ideas, musings and the like from my Soul to yours with the intention to:

~brighten your day,

~give you something to think about,

~guide you back to your Soul,

~support you in soul-aligned living,

~receive truths that may resonate with you and/or someone you know.

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